Notes on ‘The Worst Person In The World’ (2021)

I waited a long while to see this, and it was far more than worth it. ‘The Worst Person In The World’ is one of the most beautiful, wonderful, personal films I’ve seen this year, and like the all of the best art, manages that all too familiar yet difficult-to-grasp magic trick: to make the universal curse of being human, being vulnerable to the world and all its love and violence, feel so precariously, knife-pointedly personal.

More and more frequently I’ve woken up and found all of my youth gone with no time to mourn, the world moves far too quickly anyway. Sometimes we get it right. But so often, we get it so so wrong. But we’re here anyway, stupid and careless and earnest, but still always trying, always coming, always going, always leaving things behind.

“When I’m gone, all those things about you will go with me.”



culture & poetry writing type (she/her)

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