Notes on ‘Lost in Translation’ (2003)

If we could express everything we ever wanted to say in words, there wouldn’t be need for film. Sofia Coppola is one of those few directors who somehow manage to make visual a specific, almost tangible, unknowable feeling in me i have no name for. perhaps isolation is what it is closest to. what is the word for feeling less like you are moving through the world than the world is moving through you instead, and you are transparent like glass or water? lately it has taken so much effort to force meaning into my life. so much is said in the prolonged silences of all these characters in this film, as they gaze out of car windows, or beyond the camera into some horizon we are never allowed to see.

for all its (many) faults, there’s a beauty to this film that isn’t easily replicated. many things easily get lost in translation. loneliness — and the longing for human connection in spite of it — has never been one of them.



culture & poetry writing type (she/her)

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